Server hosting,Help!

Hey everyone who’s reading this.Im kinda new to facepunch and I heard alot about it!
Lets cut to the chase,I dont know how to host! I tryed hosting.
I clicked Create Multiplayer and no one is joining at all.
I would really respect you answer this question! Please help me!
Hey and if I find out,Maybe you can join my server! :stuck_out_tongue:


Uh…How do I change my picture? It’s kinda…Uh.
I don’t like it lol


If you have to add me to help me sure!
Just until I get a server up and running!


Comon guys! Dont be lazy,shy or scared to post! I need help

I assume you’re behind a router, you need to forward port 27015 in order for players to connect through it.

Yeah he does Jihad I myself use to have these problem, A long time ago though.