Server Hosting Help...

I tried to host a simple 8 slot server, and so has my friend. Neither of ours worked. My friend has opened his ports, and has a good computer. I’m too lazy to open mine, so don’t ask.
It won’t even work on construct/sandbox.

… Help.

His server does not appear in the server list, and when I try to join via IP, it fails after 4 retries.

If you’re too lazy to try one of the things which might make your server work, why should we make an attempt to help you?

Make some effort - “I’m too lazy” just shows you’re a waste of atoms.

Okay, how about this… my friend’s server already has the ports open.
I’ve tried to open my ports. Hasn’t worked. I’ve tried. This has been a problem for a year now. I have made another thread but it died, and the suggestion was open the ports.
I can only attempt open my ports at certain times, because the whole setup is in my brother’s room. I just said I’m too lazy to shorten things. To be honest, I don’t care if mine works, but BOTH of ours (my friend’s and I) don’t work, and he opened his ports last night.
Also… if you don’t have something constructive to say, I don’t see a point in saying it.

Who’s the moderator?

Anyway, can you please give us a few more details about what you’ve done so far with your server?

-> Config setups
-> Home networking
-> Installation procedure
-> Etc

Remember to open the ports to the right IP and I presume you are using 27015 so remember to open both UDP and TCP ports for it.