Server Hosting: Host Error?

When i host my server it normally stays up for awhile but then i get this error “Host_Error: Overflow error writing string table baseline LuaStringTable” What does this mean? How can I fix this, and how can I make this not happen again? I’m getting sick of my server crashing.

Remove Wiremod.

Gasp Will that really fix it? I see many servers with wiremod.

You currently are running too many lua files at once and the string table that holds all the file names is over filled. (I think.)

Deleting all of your addons and only putting on the ones you NEED would be a better choice but a fix is to delete wiremod because it uses like 600 lua files or something.

someone needs to make a addon pack that has the best cars the best guns and phx then all this would be a little easyer but im new to this and that wont be me you can always hope tho.