Server hosting problems

I am trying to host a server, I port forwarded, and i type sv_lan 0 in the console. I ask my friends to try to join, and they say they can’t. I tested the ports, and they ARE open. What is wrong with this???

Windows firewall, Not all ports needed are open, youre doing something wrong with the server when creating it, try setting your IP in the command line, Try your PC in a DMZ.

How do I do those?

To set it in the command line, you get your IP and put something like +sv_ip <your IP> Idont know the exact command.

To put your PC in a DMZ, log into your router and look for the options to do it.

What does putting the PC in a DMZ do exactly?

Puts it outside of the NAT layer, so you don’t have to forward ports to it.

So… Pretty much it forwards all ports or something? doesn’t that make it so ANYONE can hack our computer?

It puts you outside the NAT meaning that you will need to install a firewall on your Pc.
It is no less secure than just using a modem.

No, it makes it so every port in your computer is open, open port != hack…

What is up with you and DMZs? I’ve seen you suggest that in at least 10 threads already.

If freinds are trying to join through the steam chat, do not let them. Instead, make them connect via the console (connect <YOURIPHERE>)

That should work, since the steam chat messes things up by telling your freinds the local ip, which will not work for them.

becuase it is simpler for idiots that cant manage to type a number into about 5 boxes, if they do it in a DMZ, its only 1 box, AND it will definitly work.

It causes a lot more problems than it solves on multi-computer networks.

thanks :slight_smile: