server hosting problems

Hey. Me and my friend wanted to play online together so I set up the server and
Unchecked the local area network game button and once it was up I told him to join it. He said it wasn’t responding. So I tell my brother (connected to the same network) to try to join over LAN and it worked. So I was just wondering if I were doing anything wrong.


type sv_lan 0 in console and type ‘heartbeat’. Also forward the 27015 port.

Alright ill try that, ive tried changing sv_lan 0 but not the heart beat.


Ive tried forwarding the 27015 port but it says its already in use and ive tried the sv_lan 0 and heartbeat and it didnt work

You need to tell your freind to type "connect " + your external ip and add port 27015 in his console.

To get your external ip google “my ip” and go on 1st site

So somthing like
connect ...:27015

Yeah ive connected to things like that before. I think that its just nicer to do it without accessing the colsole, but if its the only way then i guess its fine. Thanks for the post.


No, it’s no problem, not “np” this may be an internet forum but people still like to be able to read posts and understand them, that’s just lazy.