Server Hosting question

Hello, feels good to be back its been about 6-7 months!!! So we ran some gmod servers for almost two years and in that time frame we had to switch hosts several times due to dossing. One time we switched on our own will thinking it would help, two other times our host said their ISP is going to shut them down if they couldn’t stop the problem, AKA denial of service. Of course as you know each time you switch IPs you loose your player base. So we are coming back and this time I don’t want to worry about ever switching hosts again. I was wondering if there is any host that offers ddoss protection? Or is there something we can due to stop the dossing?

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated!!!

Afaik there isn’t really anyway to protect from ddos, just wait it out or don’t host a gmod server. It’s saddening that there is a huge community of losers who just ddos servers they don’t like.

Most GSP offer suitable DDoS protection.

I own a roleplay server, if you’re Australian I recommend - they offer full DDoS protection.

Yep it makes me really sad, I worked very hard on making custom gmod servers and we just got nuked off the grid =(
I mean it lasted for several weeks multiple times =(

Sorry could you tell me what GSP is? Game Server Protection?

Awwww thanks but im looking for a US server tyvm though!!

Gsp means Game Server Provider

There isn’t a 100% DDoS protection method. Best you can do is contact your provider and ask them to aid you in the problem, they are supposed to know stuff about that. You should also try and find out who is behind the DDoS, and preferably get some heavy evidence. You can contact their local law enforcement about it, they are supposed to deal with that kind of stuff, since it is illegal.

Best of luck out there.

-1 them. I rather Cobalt.

I have had the best experience with NFOServers for US hosting.

Oh please. Every GSP under the sun claims to have “DDoS” protection. Sorry, your little script isn’t going to stop a significantly large attack. It might thwart some low level shit, but it’s not going to do much else.

All of my servers have DDoS protection and the free gmod ones I handed out actually just got struck with a 3Gbps attack - filtered at the core level and we’re now moving the node over to a 20Gbps rack with 10Gbps protection - for a free game server, not a paid game server. No sleep lost at all.

Hence why I said “Most”.

I also do not own a GSP or manage servers at all, so my little script is non existent.

Ya that’s what I have noticed as well I was wondering if anyone knew what hosts manages mega attacks the best. Im not worried about some little kiddie dossing, we got fucking nuked hard. Hard enough for the hosts ISP to want to shut them down.

edit: shut down the hosts that is

Yeah, nothing really stops the DDoS, but when hosts get better routers, and better backbone to it, they can handle one, possibly, depending on the protection they have. (5gbps+ = good)

I am just shocked that there is no way to stop attacks. What does the government do or google haha?

I found a few companies that seem to specialize in ddos mitigation such as

Does anyone know how effective services like this are? And know of any game hosting companies that use this kind of protection?

Well the UK government out-sources its IT solutions to professionals that deal with large scale ddos’s every day. This tends to cost alot of money and a head-ache to install. Google has multiple datacenters, and google’s strategy to ddos attacks is to “absorb” the attack rather than deflect it or block it, although they can because of there huge compute structure.

Bottom line for single individuals you’d either have to spend alot of money, or try various products that claim to protect. There is no easy way.

Most good datacenters offer DDoS protection - what they’re willing to put up with though is another story.

Not entirely helpful with your case but for the record and just out of interest, the UK law states that those who are caught attacking other servers via DOS attacks can receive a penalty of up to 10 years imprisonment. US laws are fairly similar apparently (although I’m guessing it varies state to state).


From what everyone is saying it sounds like i am shit out of luck. If anyone knows of a hosting company that specializes in ddos mitigation please let me know =D

My community uses some program that defends against DDOS attacks , It’s quite expensive though.