Server hosting software


I’ve looked around for a bit but I was only able to find server hosting companys… I have a couple of dedicated servers with centos, so if the server client, works with centos it’s really not practical for me to buy a server from a host…
So I was wondering, how do I get access to this server hosting software if it’s even possible?

Thanks in advance!

I have limited knowledge about this, so I’m not 100% sure but; I believe that the Rust server files and application is not currently made public. Only approved companies may host Rust servers, and they must follow a ToS that ensures they do not release server files/applications or give too much access to files/folders. There are copies of the server files you can get to my knowledge, but they must be enabled with a password or they won’t start up.

Basically, at this time, there is no (legal/easy) way of acquiring the server application and hosting it yourself. To get a server you must buy/rent it from a FacePunch approved server company, as they are the only ones with the ability to host this game.

Quite unfortunate, honestly. I’m not sure of the reasoning behind this approved hosts only shit, but I was in the same boat as you were. Information is scarce on this subject. I eventually gave in and bought a server from FPSplayers, after realizing my attempt to get it going on my CentOS server was futile. FPSplayers is good, as far as hosts go, but I can’t stand not having the control and root access to do proper backups, configuration, control, etc. Hopefully they will publicly release the server application when it is out of Alpha.

Thanks for the information, made it a lot more clear hehe… Hopefully they will chance it in the future, I’m not going to pay a host €35 for 2GB of RAM hahaaha… I currently host a 32GB server for just €40… It doesn’t make much sense to me xD and you are right, the real problem is not having full control… Control panels giving you the power to do less…