Server hosting - Suggestions

What server hosts do you guys recommend for Garry’s Mod 13? Hosting for RP gamemodes specifically? And provide help and support in setting up the server? (Setting up MySQL which I have almost no idea how, and just generally good customer service with people who know what they’re doing and talk in a language I can understand)

Also, some prices or promo codes would be cool!

Unfortunately, most of the good hosters like Xenon or Brohoster either don’t exist anymore or have turned to shit. The only good host I would recommend, at least in my experience, would be Elpis Host.

Good customer support, easy server set up.

Best customer support and hosting I’ve ever had,

I was looking at Xenon earlier, could you elaborate more on how they have turned to “shit”?

I can vouch for Elpis aswell.

I believe Xenon Servers overload their servers.

Yes, they do. They’ve been shit ever since they were bought by that XNS Media or whatever a year or two back.

Does Elpis provide essentials like mysql? Again this for rp.

Yes, and no pesky file restrictions.

Ah, ok well i’ll look into that further, any other input is still welcome.

EDIT: oops I accidently rated the post above ‘funny’ damn phone…

Id say nfoservers.

Good prices, quick support, solid servers.

They have many methods of contacting them for support, irc, forums, ticket system etc. In my experience they are very quick to reply with help. A lot of stuff like mysql db’s can be created automatically through their control panel members area.

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id say self hosting! i use it XD

Definitely Elpis, hands down.

Great prices

either go with someone who knows what they are doing (and browses these forums)

or go get a windows vps (linux if you know how to deal with the problems that arise every update)



John (the CEO) is the man, he’s always able to help me solve my problems and often accommodates to my needs.

Their control panel is custom as well, coupled with their firewall makes the perfect server provider.

My best recommendation would be NFO but obviously it’s your choice. I would stay as far away from Xenon as possible. Their servers always lag and their support team isn’t that helpful in the long run. They keep overloading their boxes.

If you were to choose a host I would go with either NFO or Elpis.

Xenon isn’t a bad host, but I agree they do overload their servers. All I had to do was send them a ticket for a server move and they did it. My xenon server had 32/32 all week with no lag since the move.

Aye, Elpis are great but NFO have the childproof firewall options that make life so easy.

Elpis for budding servers are decent though, from what I hear.

Elpis is the best, hands down. Anything else and you’d be settling for less.