Server Hosting

Well, I’m looking for a GMod host.

I’ve been bouncing between hosts, and have already tried three of them:
Art of War Central

Essentially, I’ve had problems with all of them. Of note, Xenon Servers was laggy as crap, probably because they overload their server boxes.
MPServ has their own control panel called Wrench, instead of the usual TCAdmin, which is fine. The console logging can be somewhat glitchy, however, and while I have 20 slots on there, I don’t like the lag. Everyone’s ping skyrockets after about 50 physics props spawned with 10 people on.
It’s been so long since AoWC I have forgotten the problem with them, but I left for a reason. I may revisit them if need be.

I’ve seen some rather heated debates, and I’d like to know what hosts people recommend these days. One host I’ve seen particularly popular amongst some threads is Elpis Host ( They seem to be rather reputable all-around, with decent service, according to other threads. Also, unlike some other hosts, have a choice between Windows and Linux, whereas Elpis does offer this.

So, this brings me to my two questions:
Which server host is best, based off the options above or anything else anyone knows of?
Which operating system to use: Windows or Linux, if I had the choice between the two for a GMod server?

Every FP member ever is going to tell you either NFO Servers or Elpishost.

They’re both good, but I’ve had wonderful experience with Elpishost, and I would definitely suggest using them.

You could try Furious-Servers, but they only have Linux servers.

Elpishost is offering free game servers and will even allow you to keep them up for free as long as it remains popular. So this would be a good way to give them a try if your hesitant on any other Hoster.

(I miss Brohoster)

There’s a post limit you need to get one of those, he doesn’t quite fit.

Are you looking for USA or Europe/UK based hosting?

Linux has a better firewall so the host can manage attacks if any better (Under the connection to the server), but windows is still required for some gamemodes as there isn’t Linux DLLS made for them.

I’m looking for something US-based, but the OS doesn’t particularly matter to me, because I’m just running Sandbox.

I would recommend then if your looking for USA, if your looking for UK though I might have been able to help you out.

Despite the, they’re based in the U.S.

Cheap, friendly, professional.

Xenon has great customer service. They will help you through a lot.

How would one go about switching from NFO to Elpis? Just looked at prices for Eplis, 32 slots is 13.95 a month :open_mouth: Less than half of NFO.

Also, what sets Elpis apart from NFO?

A 20gbit/s firewall.

I have two garry’s mod servers with mpserv. Recently their gmod support has gotten a lot better. I’ve never had any issues with lag unless it was from my side (downloading and uploading stuff at the same time).

Are you still looking for a host or is everyone here just posting shit for no reason now?

NFO is what I have and it’s great. A very simple, easy to use panel. You also get replies to your tickets within minutes.[/thumb]


Any recommendations for an Australian host? I’ve been looking at Tango servers and they seem like a good deal.

At there primary locations yes, but above that they can filter much more as they have a nice relationship with internap which I believe allows them to filter some attacks very high up the chain.

As much as I like a lot of the hosts here I wouldn’t use them for anything populated tbh.

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Yikes, hadn’t noticed how much market domination NFO where getting among the bigger communities.

Out of the top 10 US servers 8 of them are hosted at NFO the other 2 are LimeStone.

LimeStone is the best if you’ve got money.


I would also recommend BB Servers. The guy who runs it, is a developer and member of the Garry’s Mod community. Any time I’ve ever had issues relating to the server(be it server related or lua related), he’s always offered a helping hand, and taught me some things regarding lua. As of the moment the two servers that I know of which are hosted by BBServers are CityMayhem’s US Server(which I maintain), and Privateer. All of which I’ve hardly ever seen down.