Server Hosting

Do you still need a beta key to host servers?

Can you host a small (2-4 slot) development server without one?

Yes, and no.

Where does one get a beta key?

The server files have not been released and only official GSPs have access to the password needed to download them.

And the only reason there are designated GSPs is because Rust became way more popular than the devs anticipated or wanted, and it was impractical to host only official servers for >1 million people, so it was spread out to a small number of trusted hosts.

The server is still too unstable and under development for it to be put out in wide availability, so the devs aren’t ready to release it. There have been thousands of requests for server keys since the first GSPs came online; almost all of them are basically in a heap nobody cares about right now.

why would you even worry about the game as it stands now? It’s not going to be the same coding. Save your money and sit tight.