Server Hosting

Hi i’m not sure if this is the right place to put it but i’m about to start a community on Garry’s mod with a unique gamemode (Military RP with a mix of Dystopia Apocalyptic setting) and were deciding which host to use. We want it to have good ping for everyone atleast in the United States and can support a few addons perhaps 100+.

Good ping
32 Player slots
Good service
Server location is good for the majority of the U.S

the three hosts were choosing from is


Serenity Servers


All feedback/expierences are welcomed :smiley:

From my experience Senerity Servers are pretty bad. I like NFO myself, tho I have their Frankfurt package (VPS)

As Klaes4Zaugen said, Serenity Servers is pretty terrible.

I can totally recommend GMCHosting, though. Great servers.

Only issue I see with gmchosting is they don’t have many location, in the US at least.

Ì truly reccommend,, really helps you. Lets you have the maximum host for only a minimum of you’r routers monthly cost! With 99.9% Downtime, because they can’t handle all these people so they just turn the PC and Router off every hour for some fresh air.

Thank you Gaben, for sharing this website! :smiley:

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Well how about we cleanse our palate of that absolutely awful idea of “port forward it yourself” (protip for anyone who wants to host a server from home: don’t), and I’ll give you some real advice. Get yourself a Linux VPS somewhere (I’m on Linode) and set up your server there.


  • Having control over the entire system, meaning nothing’s stopping you from setting up a web server, an external SQL database, 24 more slots, an email server, and a bunch of other things, all on the same box, at no extra cost (unless you exceed a bandwidth cap)
  • Nothing’s stopping you from making the administration part of the server feel the way you want to. Study hard, go to college, and you, too, can work for a fictional corporation.
  • Generally more stable than something you’d get from a “game host”, because you’re not trying to run alongside twelve other servers and compete for resources and bandwidth*
  • More secure (this is complex to explain)
  • Trivial to attach your server to your domain, if/when you choose to buy one. (And with a domain, you gain the ability to tell people to connect to “” instead of a string of arbitrary numbers)


  • Linux has a bit of a learning curve and there isn’t really a whole lot that can be done about that unless you want to use it as a main desktop OS for a few months
  • You basically have to do everything by yourself. Not just setting it up, but keeping it running. System updates? Network security? That’s all on you. No server hoster guy to come in and make sure nobody’s breaking into your FTP.
  • In the case of Garry’s Mod, unless you decide not to install any addons, you’re dealing with a whole slew of Windows devs, many of which don’t give half a damn about bugs if they can’t be reproduced in Windows. Most of the time this is just “hur what is case sensitivity”, but it’s still a bitch to deal with. Most of the major addons should be OK.
  • SteamCMD was absolutely NOT built for GMod servers and dealing with it annoyed me so much I had to develop a frontend program for it just so I could run updates without going insane.

Personally I use a OVH linux box, downside is that you have to set everything up your self, but its a good learning experience.

Sadly a Linux isn’t a option for me the only concern I have about gmc hosting is it may not give us good ping since most of the community is west Coast so I guess it’s either serenity or nfo

Then its NFO. NFO might be a bit expensive but they’re totally worth it compared to Senerity

There are also windows servers on ovh for a little bit extra a month

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Ovh is the best you can get. i host my servers on there as i have a hosting website, there are amazing. [ I also host one of the cheep servers as there extremely strong] unlimited cpu.

In your opinion why is Serenity so bad? I’ve had NFO and run Serenity now. I haven’t had much issues except for the differences with the way the hosts run there gmod servers and allow you access to them. Its much easier with NFO to access the server and make changes where as on Serenity it lags behind.

My only issue with OVH is that I really want a west coast server, but their only North American datacenter seems to be in Quebec.

That said, I do have my second VPS with OVH now, because this one doesn’t need to handle Source DS :v:

How has serenity been running since you switched?

Its okay. The only issues i’ve had are the control panel doesn’t update stats correctly so the CP thinks the servers at 0 players i’ll have to click restart twice in order to actually restart. One for it to refresh and grab th actual amount and the second time to actually perform the restart. The last issue was making a support ticket to gain webserver cpanel access, i’ve never had to do that with NFO nor anywhere else. But other then that, the server doesn’t lag out nor have i had any issues except with what i stated. I personally prefer NFO because of the support/ease of use but its more expensive

Anyone who comes up to me asking where he should host his server, my answer is allways a dedi from SYS (So You Start) which is a company under OVH.
Used it for a year+ and really enjoyed thier service.