Server hosting ?

Im looking for someone to host a 2 Garry’s mod servers for me (I will pay you ) If anyone agrees to take
the job I Will show what addons I want of the servers.You will have to be paid in Canadian tho

There’s a sticky containing some hosts:

If you PM me your Steam name, I will host a server for you and accept CAD currency.

PM me i have top of the line server box and a Tcadmin support :slight_smile: spaz1111 is my steam id

I doubt it.

What is this top of the line server box?

Intel Atom 1.6Ghz

Dual Intel Atom 1.6Ghz.

holy fuck that’s crazy

Dual Intel Xeon DP E5520 Quad-Core 2.26GHz
4 x 1TB RAID 5 HDD
Windows Server 2008 64-Bit

My dads work just took this off there server racks… they were having problems with it for a while now so they replaced it. I took it home, and it was just a faulty motherboard and RAM… Ordered a new one and now its working like a charm. Originally only had 2TB Hard Drives on Raid 1, I added in two more and put it on RAID 5. Having fun playing around with it now hehe… Using it as DHCP / File Share / Development Server Testing at the moment…

What does your dad’s work do?

There a Private Hospital, Leader Of Alzheimers Research In Canada or something like that…


Was on there webpage… There one of the top 5 brain research facilities in the world.

okay cool