Server hosting

Hey guys, I have 2 servers I can use for some non-mainstream hosting.
Price will depend on how many slots and which you want.
One of them has a 2ghz Duo core processor, with 1 gig of ram. Runs fine with 16 people on DarkRP and 20-25 on Sandbox.
The other is a 2.6ghz QUad core processor with 3 gigs of ram, can run up to 30 people (Most I tried) in DarkRP on Evocity V2D, and 36 (Most I tried) in Sandbox on Construct.
I’ll be able to install any addon you want, any svn you want, of course I’ll have WireSVN and PHXSvn unless you request I don’t install them.
My internet speeds are 6mb/s download and upload, so it should run fine.
If you’re interested, email me at and we can discuss a price and ways to pay.
Anything else I didn’t post, you can discuss with me through email.

Hello there! I would maybe be interested.
How much would a server cost to rent?
Do you use paypal?