Server hosting

I’m just wondering, could someme point me in the right direction about starting up a server, which server hosters are the best and what I will need to do to get everything up and running?

My main concern is port forwarding, do I need to portforward to get my server online if it’s in a serverbox or not?

Please Read This thread.

Do I need to port forward?

If your looking for some dedicated server hosters for Garry’s Mod I recommend you look at this link:

That is just a compressed list of know Garry’s Mod hosters (there are a lot more out there which haven’t been added, but it is a good place to start looking). I am currently on that list myself with HC Hosting at $1 per slot per month ^^

I currently recommend:
UKGame (Awesome support, have been a customer for over a year)
Art Of War Central (expensive, but very reliable)
Xenonservers (Cheap with lots of features)