Server hosting.

I want to know if i hosted a server from my pc, would my ISP (Virgin media) charge extra because i’m allowing people to connect to my internet etc.

I don’t know about your ISP, but I doubt they will charge anything if you’re hosting a server.

Almost all residential ISP’s will terminate you if you host servers from home, as it is against their TOS.

Really though, it depends on if they catch you.

I didn’t see anything to do with server hosting there.

So really, they’ll only cut you off if you host fastdl on your server along with the server itself.

Does the OP use the unlimited broadband service?. He never mentioned - lets assume its the regular one shall we?.

Now h is questionable in this sort of situation but j on the other hand says it all. (i) If your on a residential internet and you use a significant amount of your upload speed all the time and if it affects the speed of other clients they can and will suspend/terminate you.

They would also classify hosting servers as putting their system at risk (ii) since the chance of a DOS attack rises significantly.

And finally (iii), they would classify server hosting, even a game server, as not reasonable for a residential customer.

By all means call them if you don’t believe me.

…Although I definitely will admit virgin’s terms of service is a bit lax in that area compared to other ISP’s.

That would mean Chrisaster should have been terminated by Virgin when JokerIce attacked him. They didn’t.


I don’t think being the victim of a denial of service attack falls under what they class as “Putting their system at risk”

Ok thanks for these answers.
It gives me a bit more advice on if or not to. I’ll think i’ll take the risk and see what happens for the next month…

You can host without any worries, they CAN’T charge you for allowing other people to join your server.