Server hosting

Basically, i’m trying to run a simple listen server. I don’t give a flying god damn fuck about any stupid dedicated server bullshit or anything like that, I just want to host a simple listen server that me and a couple of friends can play on.

I’ve already tried port forwarding repeatedly with various settings to no success, and the server hosting guide isn’t any help. Especially for the kind of server I intend to host. The strangest part is that about two years ago, I was able to host without doing anything like that at all. I can still host in Left 4 dead just fine and a couple other random games like Doom 3, but in anything else including garrysmod it simply does not want to work. It starts up just fine and all that, but no one can connect.

Does anyone know what the problem might be? If so, then tell me the solution.

It sounds like you aren’t forwarding the ports.

Make sure you are forwarding all required ports. Also make sure you don’t have any firewalls blocking it.

I’m glad to see you didn’t even bother to read my post.

I’ve been following the exact instructions for port forwarding HL2 server on for my specific router, doesn’t work. Shit, I even tried forwarding the ports for Red Orchestra earlier and that didn’t work either.

How exactly would I check to see if any firewall is blocking it?

Your ports are forwarded?

At the moment, no. But like I said in my original post: I’ve tried it before with various settings, including following the instructions on to no avail.

I’m not letting this thread die. I’ve made two threads asking the same question before, and I never got any proper answers or a solution.

Well, if your ports are forwarded properly then I would say your ISP is blocking the required ports.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much else that anyone here can do to help you.

ISP’s block ports since when??

Go read the manual of the router or someshit.

Some block ports so that you cannot host servers at home. if you can host them at home providing its fast enough, then what would be the point in their business connections.

Yeah, verizon fios blocked outbound port 80 for a while. It was only released last year.