Server Hosting

Thinking about starting a server hosting company and wanted input of what you guys think about. If i did free private server of equal slots and and a free mumble server for now(voice server) with every purchase. The standard 30 day money back policy. If your not satisfied with my future service I would be willing to upgrade you for free instead of losing a customer. The website is I know most companies start off losing money until they get a customer base but if I could get pre orders and actually made just enough profit to get to the next month I could have a great service. All ideas, comments and criticism is welcome. Trolls be gone.

I also wanted to point out for gmod servers i would be able to fix any lua errors you might have as I have experience with scripting and programming.

Having the free private server sounds like a good idea, but would be expensive in the long run.

Might want to raise the slots allowed, as some people love higher slots.

Read this thread I made, it should help you out.

If you’re going to helping out people with Lua coding, you will run yourself ragged with requests.