Server Hosts for 50 slots or more?

I currently use NFO ( to host my DarkRP and we are at 36 slots. We recently tried upgrading to 42 but when we hit 40-42 players the server lagged massively until crashing. This crash was due to high CPU usage and we are stuck at a level where we cannot upgrade further.

Any recommended solutions or hosts to increase to 50 slots?

Thanks guys!

I run TTT at 30-40 players and it runs fine… are you using a box or game server?

You should switch to Elpis

I’m using a game server however we’ve considered upgrading to a box. I asked their support if using a box would be any better and they said that it wouldn’t make any difference.

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I don’t believe that any free gamehost will be of good quality, but that’s just my opinion.

Also, note that this WHOLE read is about upgrading from 36 slots, and Elpis’ max slots = 32.

The max free server slots are now 32 yes. The paid are still up to 64.

This is a free DarkRP (edit) server that has been doing well over the last 6+ months with no lag.

Ah I wasn’t aware that there were paid server options. Either way, I’m not using your servers.

I would suggest a box, IMO they run very well, and you can run 3-4 severs at 20 players each minimum with 2-3 cores with no lag. (less than 50% CPU usage also)
So I don’t see why one at 50 wouldn’t run fine.

Certainly, that’s your choice and I’m not here to shove my host down your throat. It surprises me that nfo is having issues with hosting a stable 42 slot DarkRP server considering that any recent CPU (E3+) should be able to handle that with absolutely no problem provided they aren’t overselling.

If I may ask, is the reason you don’t want to switch over due to the fact it’s on a shared node? If so I do have dedicated server options available if you want to go that route.

Personal preference, no huge reasoning. But no, the shared node isn’t a major issue.

You’re looking for something better than Elpis for high-performance hosting?

Good luck, buddy. :rolleyes:

No offence, but if you don’t accept Elpis here, darksoul69 may not kill you, but everyone else will as we all worship Elpis and its good deals. It is pointless to ask for suggestions as about 97% of the population will vouch for Elpis.

I’m not with Elpis nor do I run a server with them, but if you turn down what seems like a fast and efficient host for your needs with no explanation other than “Personal Preference”, you look like an idiot. Don’t ask for suggestions if you’re just going to turn them down because you don’t like them.

I’m interested in your reasoning, even if it’s not huge.

The entire goddamn community is backing this guy and his host…

I also host with NFO servers and got a similar issue with my 35 slot sandbox. Every 20-30 minute it would crash due to CPU usage. I contacted them and they turn that feature off in about ten minutes. That fixed it for me been running fine ever since.

Oh yea! lets you get up to 64 slots.

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