Server Hosts?

Xenon sucks horse d**ks so don’t even say that. I recently hear my favorite Server Host is shutting down (Brohoster) so I am now stumped as to which host I should do my RP GMod Server through. What does Noobonic Plague RP use? Does anyone have a personal reccomendation of a good Gmod host?

I recommend, they have good prices on their servers as well as fast datacentres, last I checked in both EU and US, I don’t really know anyone else I’d recommend.

Your best route at this point is to host it yourself if at all possible. Gmod hosts are dying out, so to keep stability, I’d suggest maintaining everything your own.

Either get your box or give fluctis a try. Not really any other decent hosts out there.

BroHosters is nice, but soooooo expensive. XeneonServers is whore cheap :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re better of with either your own dedicated box or a VPS.

Xeneon is baddd

Brohoster is shutting down and Xenon is bad.

Hi. is a epic host, cheap and no lag :smiley: