Server: is so laggy

So, this server; , currently is laggy and unbearable to play on. At it’s current state it is not even fun to play on. I can not walk five feet without getting reset back to were I was. I can not get supplies Lumber piles, rocks, etc. If there is any dev reading this please do something about it. Thanks, sincerely, Rawaction!

I believe it’s being DDOS’d.

im glad you were able to determine the problem. 99% of the time if there is any form of lag anywhere on the internet just assume its a DDOS attack.

i clicked “post” and it delayed posting by about 2seconds… im being ddosed?!

This is just what I’ve been hearing from people in the server. Thus far it’s the only explanation that everyone seems to be agreeing on.

Sounds like you’re under heavy fire friend… Better call your provider and ask for new settings! Maybe even bury yourself in to safety!