(SERVER ID HERE):send reliable stream overflow error!

Whenever I join a server the screen is just black and I cannot move. When I go into the console It says [Insert Server Id Here]:send reliable stream overflow. I am really mad cause I am completely unable to play Garry’s Mod in anyway. I dunno if this has been posted before but I have searched forever on Google and found nothing. Please help!!!

All of Taco n Banana stuff


If you think wiremod is the cause of it, isn’t the solution obvious?

Delete wiremod

But I doubt wiremod is doing it. Try a different server.

OP, just so you know PHX is included with vanilla GMod so you don’t have to have it as an addon anymore.

I said a server. Which means any server. Which means all servers. Which means single player too. Yes wiremod is doing it. I deleted all other addons, restarted garry’s mod and got ONLY wiremod but still. :(. Nothing.

If you don’t play on singleplayer then you can just install the materials, models and settings from wiremod, instead of the full addon.

Is the problem on one server, or all servers? Because, if i recall correctly that error message in simplest terms means that there is too much shit on the map.

Most servers. Very few tiny ones with few people and small map only building work. I’m trying to get into a server with the map, rp_c18_v1. It is pretty big, custom sounds, custom models… actually there is alot. Yet still, even small servers have this error (example: Construct Build, no wire, no extras but of course phx3)

You’re sending too many commands on spawn (or receiving too much information)

This is caused by shitty coding.