Server in Australia not Singapore

Can we get an AUSTRALIAN official server.

We know its a bit more expensive than the Singapore one but surely you can afford a server here, cant be too much ?

Ill even help pay for it

There are PLENTY of community servers located in Australia. Why aren’t one or two of them official? No idea. Please ask the guys running the show.

I refuse to use a none official server, to many admins abusing the situation…

So I have to rely on the one server we have and its VERY laggy, My suggestion would be to put one in Adelaide so its in the centre of Australia

Desty, my point was there is NO NEED for you to offer to pay for the server. There are PLENTY of servers already in Australia that COULD be chosen as the official server. It’s up to the guys running the show to do that. However, for now they believe that an Australian server running in Asia is the best choice. I have no idea why, but that’s what they have decided on.

You don’t want an official server they are infested with hackers.

Yeah they should do that Creztor, Ive got a mate who runs a clean server thats always busy, He mentioned it might be official…fingers crossed.

My server has me as the only admin. I probably die more than the rest put together.


Server is only a few days old.

Also the official server needs a restart and/or wipe.
I am getting 400ish ping to it. I would be better off connecting to Tokyo with 180ish ping…