Server in gmod

Me and my friends is playing gmod sometimes, and have to find a server to play together.
and my Question is:
How can i make a server for free so me and my friends can play together ??
Ps: ingame i dosn’t work to press “Creat multiplayer”

Creat Multiplayer means you go on LAN with your friend,
e.g. you and him are using the same router as eachother. like in the same house.
I don’t think you can get a server for free. :frown:

You can create a dedicated server, but that will require a static IP as well as port forwarding.

befor i got a server and was on “lan” i could creat a multiplayer game so other could join, but after we got a new router i can’t :frowning:

i know the port forwarding thing but don’t know how to set it up on my router :frowning: any pic or just some help for that ?