Server Increasing Ping with more props?


I am trying to make a DarkRP server, and I’ve noticed that when I create a lot of props or NPC’s, everyone’s ping increases. It is unrelated to my internet because even I have ping increase on the local network. And the server has an i7-3770 with 8GB of ram and I have it on high CPU priority, so hardware isn’t an issue. I also remember having this issue a while back and I fixed it with a simple command, I believe related to network. I am having trouble remembering what it was.

Here is a video:


this will happen because the server needs to use more RAM to draw the extra props for all clients that see them plus with NPC’s it has to run there a.i and display them

Explain how I fixed this exact problem earlier?

usually to reduce pings you would change the sv_maxrate or sv_minrate some like sv_minrate 25000 sv_maxrate 30000 there are client side cmd you can use you should find info here about that


Those aren’t static prop’s you are spamming in, they are NPCs which are going to cause a strain on the CPU. Remember Gmod only runs on a single core so you can have a superb processor but all that matters for Gmod is the speed of a single core.

It happens with props too.