Server Information

Hello, i joined some server with this kinda cool server information that pops up when i join…


As you see in image it will show tabs (Hard to see :3)
Rules - Admins - Donate - Events - About

I want this thing made for me :smiley: but different looking and easy to edit… (Like ulx motd…)
Welcome - Rules - Admins - Donate - Addon’s Information
With a icon next to each other…

I want this in the middle of the screen.

Then i want a two buttons on the bottom called

Yes, I Agree To Rulez | No, I Disagree The Dam Rulez

When they press “No, I Disagree The Dam Rulez” i want them auto kicked for that reason…

I hope this is not hard…


just do RunConsoleCommand(“disconnect”) and they will get disconnected.

Umm but how about the Server Information Bored? I request the whole thing really not just the command… :smiley:

Copied from the LUA wiki page…


Ready = vgui.Create( “DFrame” ) //Define ready as a “DFrame”
Ready:SetPos( ScrW() / 2, ScrH() / 2 ) //Set the position. Half the screen height and half the screen width. This will result in being bottom right of the middle of the screen.
Ready:SetSize( 175, 75 ) //The size, in pixels of the Frame
Ready:SetTitle( “Are you ready to build?” ) //The title; It’s at the top.
Ready:SetVisible( true ) // Should it be seen?
Ready:SetDraggable( false ) // Can people drag it around?
Ready:ShowCloseButton( false ) //Show the little X top right? I chose no, because I have no alternative, meaning people would roam around with no weapons
Ready:MakePopup() //Make it popup. Of course.

ready1 = vgui.Create( “DButton”, Ready ) // Define ready1 as a “DButton” with its parent the Ready frame we just created above.
ready1:SetPos( 20, 25 ) //Set position, relative to the frame (If you didn’t parent it, it would be relative to the screen
ready1:SetSize( 140, 40 ) // How big it should be, again in pixels
ready1:SetText( “Hell yeah!” ) //What should the button say?
ready1.DoClick = function() //ready1.doclick = function, we just defined it as a function
RunConsoleCommand( “sb_team1” ) //When it clicks, which function does it run? sb_team1, which is defined in init.lua

I’m sure you can work something out of that.
Check this out.

Hmm If you would just make tabs with icon i think i take it from there :slight_smile:

The code above will create a window. Sort out the rest.

I don’t know how to lua. I will give you a xenon server for one month free if want.


To everyone in this thread except for OP: This is not the damned help section, this is requests for people who want it done, not doing it themselves

Not even if i pay them or give them a free server?

This is what you are looking at in that server:

Its simply easy to edit, and i use it on my server too.


Wow thanks man! Never new this was on

No problem ;D