Server intro song

How do I add a song to my server and make it play when ever a admin joins?

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Use something like:

if not SERVER then return end

hook.Add("PlayerAuthed", "SoundPlayOnAdminAuth", function(ply, SteamID, UniqueID)
	if ply:IsAdmin() or ply:IsSuperAdmin() then

Written in 5 minutes and untested. This would play a sound when an admin first spawns (auths). You can make the sound play when a player connects (about 5 minutes before they actually get to the server) by changing the hook from “PlayerAuthed” to “PlayerConnect”.

To use the said code:

  1. Change the quoted string to the sound path. If the sound were located at “garrysmod/sound/adminjoin.mp3”, then you would change set the string to “adminjoin.mp3” (it’s relative to the sound directory)
  2. Paste it in a file, name it whatever you want, with a lua extension, then save it in garrysmod/lua/autorun/server/.


This emits the sound out of the player. Is there a way to emit it globally (so you can hear it from anywhere in the map)?

One way is to loop through every player and run it. surface.playsound works too