Server IP Allocation

Hi guys, this is more so a question on the Garry’s Mod servers, but nevertheless, it’s still Gmod! Anyway, I was wondering what I can actually do with the “-ip” option on the server. What type of IP should I use for it?

The external IP adress of your host machine.
Its the IP the server is listening on.
If your vps/dedicated server only got one ip adress, this option is useless.

What? I host my own server, so I have access to my router and all of the settings for everything. I do understand the difference between an external and internal IP… duh…

If you have multiple connections, you can use that command to select which connection the server should listen on.

If you only have one connection, you do not need to set this and can ignore this.

Then what is your question?

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If you’re doing it at home behind a NAT router, then use your internal address and setup your router to forward 27015 to that address.

Okay, I get the idea. My server is connected to my router, with only one connection, so I’m guessing if I had a few connections (how would I do that, anyway?), then I could choose which IP to be on. Okay :smiley:

It’s for when you have more than 1 IP that can be used, so GSP’s would use that to change the IP of the game servers.