Server IP Blacklisted for fake player count

Our server gets low pop (around 20-40 players) and all of a sudden my server isn’t showing up on the modded tab or favorites anymore. I open a support ticket with Facepunch and get a very short reply from Holmzy “Servers were showing fake player counts.”

I emailed back and said this is not a possibility and it must be some sort of error and that it’s a bug if this is an automated system, and if not automated it was human error.

And then no response.

I am on a dedicated box with my own IP addresses and have had this IP for years. There has never been a Rust server on it besides the one I have.

Has any one had this issue? I want to prevent this happening again but don’t know how. I’m afraid my new IP is going to get blacklisted as well. I have my AFK kicker turned off but I dont think that would trigger it, the server ranges from 5 to 10 people at night and then 20 to 40 people at day. (well not anymore since the blacklist)

(conspiracy theory lol: If you’re not a big monetized community like Rustoria and you start gaining population does Facepunch blacklist your IP?)

There is the same problem on Garry’s Mod. Even if it’s a little quieter now.

UPDATE!! I opened a new support ticket and Holmzy has unblacklisted my IP!! I am so happy they looked into it and saw that we were not using fake players!!

Congratulations :+1: