Server is always up to date

Yesterday i installed PHX and wire on my server through SVN. Today when i started SRCDS, after it says “Connection to Steam servers successful. VAC secure mode activated.” it also says “MasterRequestRestart.
Your server is out of date. Please update and restart.” Coincidence or not, i moved bot wire and PHX out of the addon folder, still didn’t work.
I ran HldsUpdateTool, it updated a few things but i still get that notification. How can I fix this?

Dammit, sorry for the title, i got the words mixed up.

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just saw my serve do the same thing and then read the posts below.

it’s a problem with the last update. Garry’s pushing out an update soon. Chrisaster’s plugin works as a temporary fix though (Hence why my servers are full)

What is this plugin? I want my server to work again. :saddowns:

Eh… at least it’s not just me. I’m sick of debugging stuff all the time.