Server is Crashing by...suicide spam... (and no free edicts error too)

So my server is crashing with 2 errors. One of 2 things happens.

crash 1:
A couple of people join, heck sometimes it happens with only 1 person on who isnt doing anything, but get a random crash of the srcds server with the reason “no free edicts”.
And this is when there’s like, 1 player on a tiny map who just spawned in a few minutes ago and nothing weird or spammy is happening. Um…? And also it was working fine earlier but I waited awhile in the day and tried it and it started doing this, even after various server starts and trying things like changing the max amount of edicts on command line and the heapsize to 4gb.

crash 2:
get the no free edicts error, but this time it’s weird. again it happens with just a few people on, but out of nowhere for seemingly no reason once again, the server console gets SPAMMED with
“(insert random players name here that did nothing wrong) suicided!
Cbuf_AddText: buffer overflow”
over 100 times then does the edicts error. I have been messing around with it for awhile and can’t find a cause, this is devastating since it just happened right as the server’s grand opening happened when I tried to get more than 1 or 2 people on.

Here’s an example of crash 2: