"Server is enforcing consistency"error

I want to use this phoenix model as t_leet.
So I decompile it,rewrote the qc("$modelname “player/t_phoenix.mdl” to "$modelname “player/t_leet.mdl”) and compiled it to t_leet.mdl.
But my CS:S said “Server is enforcing consistency for this file: models\player _leet.mdl”
I tried to change sv_pure and sv_consistency but nothing happened.
I always get this error when I rename and compile character models…someone please tell me
how to fix this error…
I have to understand how to fix this error to rebuild my CS:S character models for CS:GO.
Sorry for my bad English.

Put this into your .qc file before you compile it.

That should make it pass consistency.

Thank you!I fixed it!