Server is Incompatible Version?

I am able to join other servers via my Client Side with no issues, but my server is saying “Incompatible Version” in the console of Rusty when I try to join it. I’ve got a bunch of people trying to join, and no one can. I have reinstalled the server, Steam Updated it, and nothing is working. Any ideas what is going on? How do I view my Server Version/Client Version?

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This is from the Steam updater in TCAdmin. It shows everything is up to date, but no one is able to join the server at all. Still getting incompatible Version.

Hey Mac

Generally this means that the client is now incompatible with the version you have ugraded the server to. sometimes it takes a while for the client update to come out/download. I have found I have had to wait sometimes up to a few hours for the game client update, especially if I upgraded the server version as soon as the update comes out.

Having similar issues with mine this morning

How does one update there server? Mine keeps trying to run the old version it seems.

Figured it out. Garry changed his File structure on files. TCAdmin was setup for a different set up. Changed it around, and now it’s working once again.

Was your showing an error status? that’s what I had this morning, had to do a full reinstallation to resolve.

Glad you got it working mate