Server is lagging with 17+ users..

hey my server is lagging when there are over 17+ users.

heres my start cmd :

screen sh ./srcds_run -console -maxplayers 64 -game garrysmod +gamemode darkrp +map rp_downtown_v4c_v2 +r_hunkalloclightmaps 0

heres my server.cfg

hostname "NO"
exec banned_user.cfg
exec banned_ip.cfg
sv_downloadurl ""
rcon_password "NO"
sv_password ""
sv_lan "0"
sv_region "255"
sv_maxrate 10000 // Doesn't really make a difference but setting it to 0 doesn't sound like a good idea
sv_minrate 100000
sv_maxupdaterate 33 // You want this to be the same as your tickrate
sv_minupdaterate 33 // You want this to be the same as your tickrate
sv_mincmdrate 33 // You want this to be the same as your tickrate
sv_maxcmdrate 33 // You want this to be the same as your tickrate
sbox_allownpcs "1"
sbox_godmode "0"
sbox_weapons "1"
sbox_playerhurtsplayer "0"
sbox_noclip "0"
sbox_persist "0"
sbox_maxprops "200"
sbox_maxragdolls "10"
sbox_maxnpcs "10"
sbox_maxballoons "100"
sbox_maxeffects "200"
sbox_maxdynamite "10"
sbox_maxlamps "3"
sbox_maxthrusters "50"
sbox_maxwheels "50"
sbox_maxhoverballs "50"
sbox_maxvehicles "50"
sbox_maxbuttons "50"
sbox_maxsents "100"
sbox_maxemitters "20"

RAM : 24gb ram

If I remember correctly, SRCDS can only use 1 core, so it matters not how many you have, but their quality. Can you post the specification of the cpu?

remove your rcon password from your config and launch your server with it in the command line

Does this happen on vanilla (without any addons) Sandbox?

its an i7 4790k 4x4ghz

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and i think no

You should try eliminating expensive addons

sv_minrate 100000, should that be that high?

to add on to this, the min rate is higher than your max rate???

what u mean exactly with expensive addons?

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is there a addon or a function with what i can watch which addon/s is causing that laggs?

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€DIT : it laggs exactly at 21users

Also, turn down your CMD rates to reasonable numbers.