Server is laggy but shouldn't be?

Okay so, I’ve just started work on my gamemode, and it has about 6 files so far, about 3 addons. I’m hosting the server(just to develop and test stuff out) on my PC. My PC is a built PC, with an i7-4790k 4GHz CPU, 32GB RAM DDR3, a GTX 980 4GB and with a 39MB upload speed. Today my friend that is developping with me and I wanted to do a quick lag test to see how many NPC’s we would need to spawn if we wanted the server to start lagging. After 3 NPC’s our ping started to get bigger and bigger and the server started lagging. Any clue why that could be? Is it normal that the server lags(with so little entities spawned) even with those specs?

GMOD can only use one core (+ one core for networking, pretty much only one core though). NPCs are very resource hungry.

I understand that, but even my 2013 All-in-one HP shitty that cost me 700$ could host a server and hold more NPC’s than that.

Are you running something else on the same core? Like how high ping do you get? I have the same CPU on my linux box so I could compare for you, if you give me something to compare to.
What addons do you have? (I know you said 3, I but the names?)

Since I’m hosting it, the default ping is 5 but after 3 NPC’s it jumps to 12-25, and if I watch my friend run around the map, the movement starts to stutter and the NPC’s animations are heavily stuttering.

Ok, and the answers on the other questions?

Sorry, didn’t see those. I have EuRoleplay - Suits & Robbers,assmod and Hopsital Workers. For anything running on the same core, probably a bunch but I have no clue how I could run the server on a different core.

With EuRoleplay, do you mean this?

I guess I’m gonna bump

Have you tried vanilla to see if it lags on the same server?

Have you maybe done something silly - like tried creating a font in HUDPaint

I did, it still lags a fuck bunch

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Check your cpu clock while running your server, also cpu usage. Record numbers before and after spawning in NPCs.