"Server Is Not Responding"


I am having problems connecting to game server in all of Valve games I own. (Garry’s Mod, Team Fortess 2, Half Life 2: Death Match. When I try joining a game via a friend or via the game server list in-game, a screen pops up titled Game Info. Here it shows the servers IP adress and the Game name, but “Game”, “Map”, “Players”, “Valve Anti Cheat” and “Latency” are left blank. Also in the section below (the player list) is says “Server is not responding”.

This is what I tried:

  • I opened all the ports on my router suggested by valve. They were open anyways since I sometimes host a dedicated server. Also the steam client ports are open.

  • I disabled the Windows Firewall, plus the firewall on my router.

  • I tried to connect to servers via developer console (for example “connect”)

  • I don’t have any 3rd party cheat software installed

  • I checked for spyware and virusses, which I don’t have, and uninstalled the scanning applications afterwards.

  • I reinstalled Steam

  • I reinstalled Garry’s Mod as a last resort.

Nothing of the above helped me resolving this.

Thanks for the reply in advance!


Blur fail in above image but oh well.


Since this issnt solved yet, one last bump.
Steam support stopped replying.

You’re much more likely to get a response if you were to post in Help/Support, as that’s typically where people post about Garrysmod problems they are having.

It was when I started this thread 2 weeks ago.
Appearently it got moved here for some reason.
Maybe a mod could move this thread to the correct sub forum again?

Maybe a mod is purposely moving help/support threads here to piss me off. Nah, now I’m just getting paranoid.

You could try to press the little ‘reset’ button on your router, it might solve it.

You should also try to change your download region on steam settings, make sure it is not a foreign country, and if it is not, try to set it to a country not to far away.

I tried that, diddnt work. Also resetted the router several times, no results.

Here is my conversation with steam support.
They stopped replying 2 weeks ago.

Sorry for the large image!
I left out message nr2 because it was just an attachment with the image in the OP.