server is not respossing!!

when i try to join my friend it say “server is not responding” and what can i do so i can join? and whay will team garry not make a system like the system in L4D2 were it’s easy to play with friend but if someone have some ideas post it here.
i think it’s my router there is a lol router.

remember it is not over lan just internet it work fine if it is over lan.

What the hell does respossing mean? I’m pretty sure you mean responding. It just means that the server isn’t RESPONDING. And the L4D2 system of servers is shite, you can never get back to your favorite servers. But anyway, servers stop responding all the time, in every game. Even L4D2.

yes but in L4D2 can i join my friends.

It’s not the game’s fault, it’s the server’s fault.

yes but many have that problem and gmod is much funny is i play with my friends.


but are there something i can do with my router so it not say it again?

Oh my god your grammar is so bad! What did you just say?

Ugh… Let me see…

No you can’t do anything because your not hosting the server.

you can’t join him because you’re trying to join using his local ip. get his real ip and join through that

it’s not work it’s say the again.

im sure it is he router there not want my pc to get connection.

but why is this not in the FAQ? many have that problem.

Is this guy a cleverly disguised troll???


When you’re old enough to fully grasp the concept of the English language, tell your friend to go here:

Your friend has not got his ports open, therefore you cannot join his game. Left 4 Dead 2’s system is very different to the one Garry’s mod and other games use.

ok thanks but how can me og my friend open our port?

sorry for my bad engelsk.


ok i know it now don’t replay i can find guides over the internet.

In English?

dam…the mingebags are back (War of the Servers)

Go here

every try i join my friends it says server not responding! liddle halp here!

That attempt at language has put me off reading on with this topic :S

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