Server is "running an older version of the game" - UPDATE HELP!

So Garry’s Mod got updated, which means servers have to be restarted, which I restarted mine.
I then proceeded to update it via SteamCMD: app_update 4020 validate (after changing the installation path)

I cannot get any more up to date with my server. It tells me it’s completely up to date, but trying to connect to my server just gives me the same error. That it’s running an older version of the game! D:

I tried removing the Steam Workshop addons in case it was one of those that was interfering, but no such luck.
I’ve verified the integrity of the game cache in Steam, still nothing.
My last resort is reinstalling the game, which I’m doing right now.

Can anyone else offer any help or suggestions? :frowning:

  • PhazonPhoenix

Pretty sure there was an issue with the installation path. Check the default directory to see if the files are there. Then merge them manually.

Make a new server.