Server is Unavailable

Well I was playing on a server called “The D3vine” for a couple days, then one day I could not find it on my server history, favorites, or server list. Now I thought it was just because the server was down, so I waited till the next day. It was still down, So I checked my friends list and everyone was still able to connect and play it. I typed connect in console and it said failed to connect after 4 tries. I tried joining through my friends list by joining the same game my friend was in, but it just popped up with the server info box and all it had was the ping in the name, the same thing it gives if the server is offline. How do I connect to it please?

Thanks for any help

There’s something wrong between you and that server.

Think of it this way. You’re driving (connecting) from your house (your computer) to a restaurant (the server), and there’s a giant brick wall (???) in the middle of the road somewhere

Well what could of caused this? I mean like I said the server was working just fine before… A wall doesn’t just pop up out of nowhere. My brother just recently tried connecting to the server around the same time I couldn’t connect to it anymore… Computers running the same internet connection in same house, may cause confusion to the server? I don’t know?

Maybe, you were banned :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought that once, but I talked with the admin, he said I was not banned, also it gives a different message if you are banned doesn’t it? Like I said, the information box pops up when trying to join, IP is in the name and This server is Unavailable shows in information.

Have you tried deleting your cache thing?

I figured that is prop related, this is only a specific server. If it had to do with my cache, it would most likely involve not being able to connect to ANY server, this is just one, so i’m sure its a smaller problem then that.

Adding any useful information, my brother also can not see the server and sees it as down.

I dont think so. Have you checked if you have any firewalls blocking the servers port?The one right after the “:”)Also, Connection to the same server from the same house doesn’t interfere, just uses more bandwidth

Well I just don’t see how a firewall could pop up out of nowhere, I was playing it just fine, then a moment later it showed the server as down, cant have a firewall just pop up.

Try deleting your dua.
try it.

It worked for me on occasions where i couldn’t join, or my Q menu stopped working.

Tried it, Didn’t seem to work, appreciate the help though.

Bumped, and sad, anyone might be able to help?

:(, just make sure all your ports ore fowarded on ur comp and router, take down your firewall, and put an exception for hl2 (dont reallythink that would do anything but its something i would try even though ur firewall is down) also check to see if someone else is using ur acc at the same time

Trying to log to see if I have the same problem. If you get any console error, post here. Well theres the IP, and The D3vine is the name, I already checked friends list, and 2 of my friends said they were currently IN the server, its been a couple days now and I still can not join, I turned off my firewall.

idk, take it up with garry lol

Alredy there, another DarkRP server, had no problems to connect. Even none a single buffer overflow.
Try recconecting and post any lua or console error you get

I cant connect far enough to get to that point, I try joining via friends list and it brings up the information box of the server like it would if you right clicked it, and clicked server info, but instead of actual info, it gives me server unavailable in information, and for server name. and if I type connect in console, it gives me failed to connect after 4 tries.