'Server is using an older protocol than your client' problems

Hi, I have only just (at the time of writing this) updated my client’s server (with -verify_all), on all games. He STILL cannot get on. The only error he gets is:
Server is using an older protocol than your client

I have had this problem on my server before as I cannot update it and allow people on.


  • My client and I both have legal versions of Garry’s Mod
  • I am updating all the games (in SRCDS: ‘episode1’, ‘“Counter-Strike Source”’, ‘orangebox’, ‘garrysmod’), including using -verify_all

Anybody got any idea how to fix this?

Delete your bin folders, then run the update again with verify_all.

Should be in the following structure:


Also make sure you don’t have the server running when trying to update.

Will do! I never have the servers running in the middle of an update.

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I’m going to test it now…

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Thanks a lot! I also deleted all the cache files.