Server issue, map changes and people can't get past client info.

Netchannel: unknown net message (42) from (** the server IP is here**)

That’s what people are getting when the map changes. No lag and stuff in game, but when it switches, people get stuck on Sending client info, then the server eventually crashes.

We’re running TTT.

Update your server.

I believe it is a TTT problem because I get this issue too.
I usually just go into RCON and changelevel <Map Name>.
I recommend changing it to a different map then it is was already going to.

It’s nothing to do with TTT, it’s to do with the engine. A recent update added an extra bit to the svc_BSPDecal message and this was causing clients to read more data than they should have been when connecting to an outdated server. Usually that results in an unrelated error (like you get) or crash.

Bump for fix.

Bumping again, I have this problem too. When this certain server changes to my map, everyone gets stuck at Sending Client Info. It worked fine in my friend’s listen server, though. I have had no chance to try on some other dedicated server so I don’t know if it happens then too.

Are you people broken?

Press that pritty Update Button and watch your troubles Drift away

Yes, but that’s what I’m wondering. If the server and client aren’t on the same version, you can’t connect! In this case, if the server uses some other map, I can.

Not all maps use the BSP decal settings that cause the problem and it’s only game-specific updates that cause the version errors.