Server issues / port issues

I have recently bought a new asus router, i am currently very pleased with it. I was able to forward my ports without a problem and everything looked fine. My IP is static and ports are forwarded, but when i had problems where i could not connect to my Gmod server using my extrernal IP. I then went to an online port check site and it said my ports were closed. Then i went to another site and it said “connection refused”. I then checked if my ports were open on my laptop and it said they were all open. Sadly im not hosting the Gmod server on my laptop, but on my computer. Now i am stuck as no one can connect to my server!

Thanks, any help is appreciated :slight_smile:


Anyone got a clue?


There was a guy here that said he had unblocked his ports in his router but he had done it in the virtual server section which is the wrong one, you should look up port forwarding for your router and also make sure you unblock both TCP and UDP

Make sure to check your firewall as well.
Windows Firewall is generally a pain in the ass.