Server issues

When I click rust the menu pops up I click play game and then the servers menu shows all the different servers whenever I try to click on them nothing happens and the rust console says nothing im open to any and all ideas. Bought the game yesterday haven’t played a second of it yet been like 6 hours of trying thanks in advance

Hi, have you tried setting your router to DMZ mode?
Also, what kind of errors are showing up in your console (F1)

No errors show up its very annoying not that its your fault or anything but I don’t know what to do ill try the router thing

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alright that didn’t work any other ideas

got any other ideas

Windows firewall maybe blocking the connection (if using windows)
internet security software with 3rd party firewall settings blocking connections.

But the console should at least say something. Even if it attempts to try and connect. With you saying it says nothing it sounds like the game doesn’t even bother attempting to connect. Maybe try the connect command in the console with the server ip?

Could you explain how to do that, I don’t know how to off the top of my head

Press f1 to open console
net.connect ipofserver:port

Lol where do you get Ip of server

you can just try any of the community ones from the servers section of the forums

is one example (this is not a advertisement)

well that got me the farthest got to server loading screen but it gave me the facepunch error thing