Server issues

Hello guys!

I’m here to ask about my server, it has some issues:

-Yellow names in the TAB menu, all people connect as the yellow. However, when they switch jobs, the name changes to the desired job colour, but when they die they change back to yellow.

-Gundealer: Now, I haven’t changed anything to the gundealer class. Yet I am not getting the gundealer shipments, such as the regular RP weapons; they are not there, I do not see the command line for them.

I’ll appreciate any help, thanks, and also, a few notes:

-Gamemode works fine in single player, all of these problems ^ not happening.

-AOWC used for server host

-DarkRP version: 2.4.1

Thanks for your help,



Also, if anyone knows how to do the SQL file thing for Cider, I would be very grateful if you could share that information with me, thanks.


why not wait a day before bumbing? And sorry for this un-usefull post , i dont host any rp servers of my own.

I don’t know about you, but when I mess up something with dark rp everyone is yellow and are stone statues. Single player probably wont be mucked up because you probably didn’t edit it and do some shit to it.

Check your server’s console for errors. And when/if it says something like "gamemodes/darkrp/gamemode/(filename).lua:280 (for example) 280 is the line you screwed up in. It usually helps you.

As a situation I have just had like 10 minutes ago I was experimenting with some codes that someone has thankfully told me about. (Mayor gets demoted to citizen when he is killed) so I tried to add something to the hook when he dies if there is rp_propertytax set to 1 it will be auto-set to 0 when he dies.

Thanks mate, I’ll look for some lua errors now.

If anyone else can add I’ll be grateful! :slight_smile:


Lua initialized (Lua 5.1)
You are running ULib version 2.40.
[ULIB] Loading SHARED module: ulx_init.lua
[ULX] Loading CLIENT module: adminmenu.lua
[ULX] Loading CLIENT module: banmenu.lua
[ULX] Loading CLIENT module: clientmenu.lua
[ULX] Loading CLIENT module: mainmenu.lua
[ULX] Loading CLIENT module: mapsmenu.lua
[ULX] Loading CLIENT module: motdmenu.lua
[ULX] Loading CLIENT module: uteam.lua
[ULX] Loading SHARED module: chat.lua
[ULX] Loading SHARED module: fun.lua
[ULX] Loading SHARED module: menus.lua
[ULX] Loading SHARED module: rcon.lua
[ULX] Loading SHARED module: teleport.lua
[ULX] Loading SHARED module: user.lua
[ULX] Loading SHARED module: userhelp.lua
[ULX] Loading SHARED module: util.lua
[ULX] Loading SHARED module: vote.lua
Registering gamemode ‘sandbox’ derived from ‘base’
Registering gamemode ‘DarkRP’ derived from ‘sandbox’
ERROR: Trying to derive entity sent_keypad_wire from non existant entity base_wire_entity!
ERROR: Trying to derive entity gmod_xqm_wire_hydraulic from non existant entity base_wire_entity!
Sending 410 ‘User Info’ ConVars to server (cl_spewuserinfoconvars to see)
Welcome to [RIP] Zombie Roleplay! We’re playing rp_ripzombiesurvival_a3.
ULX version <SVN> unknown revision loaded.
This server is running ULX Admin Mod version 3.50 by Team Ulysses –

That’s what I get when I connect. The only errors I see are the wire ones.

Also, in singleplayer, I used exactly the same edited gamemode I used on the server, and it’s all edited to my preferences (jobs, shipments, etc.)

However, for some reason these refuse to work on the server, but work fine and without any problems in SP.

There’s a problem inside your shared.lua. Post your custom jobs.

Here is my shared.lua:

Default teams. If you make a team above the citizen team, people will spawn with that team!
TEAM_CITIZEN = AddExtraTeam(“Citizen”, Color(20, 150, 20, 255), “models/player/group01/male_01.mdl”, [[The Citizen is the most basic level of society you can hold
besides being a hobo.
You have no specific role in city life.]], {}, “citizen”, 0, 45, 0, false, false)

TEAM_POLICE = AddExtraTeam(“Civil Protection”, Color(25, 25, 170, 255), “models/player/police.mdl”, [[The protector of every citizen that lives in the city .
You have the power to arrest criminals and protect innocents.
Hit them with your arrest baton to put them in jail
Bash them with a stunstick and they might learn better than to disobey
the law.
The Battering Ram can break down the door of a criminal with a warrant
for his/her arrest.
The Battering Ram can also unfreeze frozen props(if enabled).
Type /wanted <name> to alert the public to this criminal
OR go to tab and warrant someone by clicking the warrant button]], {“arrest_stick”, “unarrest_stick”, “weapon_glock2”, “stunstick”, “door_ram”, “weaponchecker”}, “cp”, 4, 65, 0, true, true)

TEAM_GANG = AddExtraTeam(“Gangster”, Color(75, 75, 75, 255), “models/player/group03/male_01.mdl”, [[The lowest person of crime.
A gangster generally works for the Mobboss who runs the crime family.
The Mobboss sets your agenda and you follow it or you might be punished.]], {}, “gangster”, 3, 45, 0, false, false)

TEAM_MOB = AddExtraTeam(“Mob boss”, Color(25, 25, 25, 255), “models/player/gman_high.mdl”, [[The Mobboss is the boss of the criminals in the city.
With his power he coordinates the gangsters and forms an efficent crime
He has the ability to break into houses by using a lockpick.
The Mobboss also can unarrest you.]], {“lockpick”, “unarrest_stick”}, “mobboss”, 1, 60, 0, false, false)

TEAM_GUN = AddExtraTeam(“Gun Dealer”, Color(255, 140, 0, 255), “models/player/monk.mdl”, [[A gun dealer is the only person who can sell guns to other
However, make sure you aren’t caught selling guns that are illegal to
the public.
/Buyshipment <name> to Buy a weapon shipment
/Buygunlab to Buy a gunlab that spawns P228 pistols]], {}, “gundealer”, 2, 45, 0, false, false)

TEAM_MEDIC = AddExtraTeam(“Medic”, Color(47, 79, 79, 255), “models/player/kleiner.mdl”, [[With your medical knowledge, you heal players to proper
Without a medic, people can not be healed.
Left click with the Medical Kit to heal other players.
Right click with the Medical Kit to heal yourself.]], {“med_kit”}, “medic”, 3, 45, 0, false, false)

TEAM_COOK = AddExtraTeam(“Cook”, Color(238, 99, 99, 255), “models/player/mossman.mdl”, [[As a cook, it is your responsibility to feed the other members
of your city.
You can spawn a microwave and sell the food you make:
/Buymicrowave]], {}, “cook”, 2, 45, 0, 0, false)

TEAM_CHIEF = AddExtraTeam(“Civil Protection Chief”, Color(20, 20, 255, 255), “models/player/combine_soldier_prisonguard.mdl”, [[The Chief is the leader of the Civil Protection unit.
Coordinate the police forces to bring law to the city
Hit them with arrest baton to put them in jail
Bash them with a stunstick and they might learn better than to
disobey the law.
The Battering Ram can break down the door of a criminal with a
warrant for his/her arrest.
Type /wanted <name> to alert the public to this criminal
Type /jailpos to set the Jail Position]], {“arrest_stick”, “unarrest_stick”, “weapon_deagle2”, “stunstick”, “door_ram”, “weaponchecker”}, “chief”, 1, 75, 0, false, true, TEAM_POLICE)

TEAM_MAYOR = AddExtraTeam(“Mayor”, Color(150, 20, 20, 255), “models/player/breen.mdl”, [[The Mayor of the city creates laws to serve the greater good
of the people.
If you are the mayor you may create and accept warrants.
Type /wanted <name> to warrant a player
Type /jailpos to set the Jail Position
Type /lockdown initiate a lockdown of the city.
Everyone must be inside during a lockdown.
The cops patrol the area
/unlockdown to end a lockdown]], {}, “mayor”, 1, 85, 0, true, false/, {TEAM_CHIEF, TEAM_POLICE}/)


You can make extra classes here. Set everything up here and the rest will be done for you! no more editing 100 files without knowing what you’re doing!!!
Ok here’s how:

To make an extra class do this:
AddExtraTeam( “<NAME OF THE CLASS>”, Color(<red>, <Green>, <blue>, 255), “<Player model>” , [[<the description(it can have enters)>]], { “<first extra weapon>”,"<second extra weapon>", etc…}, “<chat command to become it(WITHOUT THE /!)>”, <maximum amount of this team> <the salary he gets>, 0/1/2 = public /admin only / superadmin only, <1/0/true/false Do you have to vote to become it>, true/false DOES THIS TEAM HAVE A GUN LICENSE?, TEAM: Which team you need to be to become this team)

The real example is here: it’s the Hobo: */

–VAR without /!!! The name the color(what you see in tab) the player model The description
TEAM_HOBO = AddExtraTeam(“Hobo”, Color(80, 45, 0, 255), “models/player/corpse1.mdl”, [[The lowest member of society. All people see you laugh.
You have no home.
Beg for your food and money
Sing for everyone who passes to get money
Make your own wooden home somewhere in a corner or
outside someone else’s door]], {“weapon_bugbait”}, “hobo”, 5, 0, 0, false)
//No extra weapons say /hobo to become hobo Maximum hobo’s = 5 his salary = 0 because hobo’s don’t earn money. 0 = everyone can become hobo , false = you don’t have to vote to become hobo

TEAM_ZRTLEADER = AddExtraTeam(“Zombie Response Team Leader”, Color(51,102,102,255), “models/player/gasmask.mdl”, [[Lead your squad against the zombies.
Make sure to save the citizens from the attack.
]], {“weapon_m42”, “weapon_deagle2”, “stunstick”, “item_ammo_pistol”}, “zrtleader”, 1, 100, 0, true, true)

TEAM_ZRTSOLDIER = AddExtraTeam(“Zombie Response Team Soldier”, Color(51,102,51,255), “models/player/swat.mdl”, [[Follow commands from your leader.
Make sure to save the citizens from the attack.
]], {“weapon_mp52”, “weapon_deagle2”, “stunstick”, “item_ammo_pistol”}, “zrtsoldier”, 3, 75, 0, true, true)

TEAM_ZRTMEDIC = AddExtraTeam(“Zombie Response Team Medic”, Color(34, 78, 80, 255), “models/player/riot.mdl”, [[Heal teammates!
Make sure to save the citizens from the attack, and follow orders from your leader.
]], {“weapon_m42”, “weapon_deagle2”, “stunstick”, “item_ammo_pistol”, “med_kit”}, “zrtmedic”, 1, 80, 0, true, true)

TEAM_ACTHLR = AddExtraTeam(“Activist Healer”, Color(175,153,0,255), “models/player/guerilla.mdl”, [[Follow orders from your leader, and heal teammates.
You are a group of ex-criminals, who broke out of jail when the zombie fray started.
You hate all officials, and want to take over the town.
]], {“weapon_deagle2”, “stunstick”, “item_ammo_pistol”, “med_kit”}, “activisthealer”, 1, 45, 0, true, false)

TEAM_ACTLDR = AddExtraTeam(“Activist Leader”, Color(10,10,10,255), “models/player/leet.mdl”, [[Lead your squad!
You are a group of ex-criminals, who broke out of jail when the zombie fray started.
You hate all officials, and want to take over the town.
]], {“weapon_ak472”, “weapon_deagle2”, “lockpick”, “unarrest_stick”, “item_ammo_pistol”}, “activisthealer”, 1, 50, 0, true, false)

TEAM_ACTFLR = AddExtraTeam(“Activist Follower”, Color(120,35,10,255), “models/player/phoenix.mdl”, [[Follow orders from you leader!
You are a group of ex-criminals, who broke out of jail when the zombie fray started.
You hate all officials, and want to take over the town.
]], {“weapon_deagle2”, “item_ammo_pistol”}, “activistfollower”, 3, 35, 0, true, false)

TEAM_CAR = AddExtraTeam(“Car Dealer”, Color(255,0,0,255), “models/player/barney.mdl”, [[Deal cars to survivors!
You offer a range of banged up cars.
Sell them to people who need a quick way of getting about, without getting hassled by zombies.
]], {}, “cardealer”, 1, 10, 0, true, false)[/LUA]




Please help, guys :slight_smile:

Also, found this:

“ror: ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘PlayerLoadout’ Failed: [gamemodes\darkrp\gamemode\sv_gamemode_functions.lua:605] attempt to index field ‘?’ (a nil value)”
what is that?

Paste the functions from line 605

did you space out

[gamemodes\darkrp\gamemode\ a:605]

What I mean is, did you press Space when copying and pasting on “lu a” or is that the file name? If the file is “ a” DEFINATELY Change to “sv_gamemode_functions.lua”

Ok, here is the exact LUA file name: sv_gamemode_functions.lua

No space :frowning:

Also, here is the command on line 605

[LUA]for k,v in pairs(RPExtraTeams[Team].Weapons) do[/LUA]

This is 605 to 610, if it helps:

[LUA]for k,v in pairs(RPExtraTeams[Team].Weapons) do

-- Switch to prefered weapon if they have it
local cl_defaultweapon = ply:GetInfo( "cl_defaultweapon" )[/LUA]

Team is nil


It was the ULX messing up our jobs, so we switched to Evolve, and IT WORKED! YAY!

THanks to all that helped