Server joining doesn't work

hey there,

after the update, which i downloaded earlier that day, everytime i’m joinin a server my game crashes, with the followin “oops”:

“The game crashed.
The crash report folder named 2014-10-03_171310 next to game executable”

did anyone of you guys get the same message after crashin?

a bit of help would be great, cause the game looks awesome!!


Can you paste the contents of the crash report to a pastebin file and link it here? (Paste it to pastebin, not this page, if possible, the logs are really huge.)

The 2014-10-03_171310 folder is inside the Rust folder in Steam: (Steam folder)\steamapps\common\rust\

Im having the excatly same problem :C

i am having the same problem, here the error.log


I assume that my computer is to slow (although it meets up with the system requirements), when i lower the screen resolution to 800x600 i can at least join a server, and the game crashes after my first movement.