Server Jumper

i am working on a server jumper. this is my first script and im not very good with lua.

i have made a menu that popps up when people type !server in chat, the menu poppes up with buttons, each button has a server name and when you klick on it, it will connect you to the server.
i am using this command

local b = vgui.Create("DButton",DFrame1) 
		b:SetPos( 20, 90 )
		b:SetText("slender 2")
		b.DoClick = function()
			if IsValid(bg) then

when i klick the button, it tries to connect to the server(the loading screen comes up and it says connecting to server on the bottom right)
then i get this in console
Bad server address (“”)

can anyone help me fix this?

You would use


thank you

Is it possible that I can see the rest of the code for this I am working on something like this and dont know how to make it work ?

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my server jumper is now complete

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I’m quite certain that connect is blocked by source.
Unless Player:ConCommand() isn’t blocked by RunConsoleCommand()'s limitations.
In which case I’ve been wasting time with webpage workarounds this whole time.

i used


and it worked fine