Server jumper

i have made a server addon that popps up when people type !server in chat, the menu poppes up with buttons, each button has a server name and when you klick on it, it will connect you to the server.
i can add more/less servers to the list.

(User was banned for this post ("if you're going to post a script in the release section, actually release it" - postal))

No release? Only one screenshot? Almost no information?

there aint much to say about it, and i can make it for people that want it, i cant give away this because someone bought it from me and payed extra so i wouldnt resell or give away.

so what you’re saying is you posted a screenshot of the most basic possible DPanelList just to tell everyone that you made something.

are you retarded or 11 it’s got to be one of the two. or both

anyway, here is the official release of this script, enclosed below in a pastebin url

i just made a simple server jumper someone wanted me to make and told me to post it here.

RunConsoleCommand( “connect”, “” ); dosnt work
i had to use
LocalPlayer():ConCommand(“connect <IP>”)

woooah revolutionary!

it’s like a whole new level of technology!

apple will steal this for iOS 8!

You guys are so mean i dont get it why do you act like total assholes?
You dont need to get offensive.

Welcome to Facepunch, son, welcome.

It’s the fact that he “released” (not even releasing) the most simplest of addons. It’s like me releasing a clock that goes at the top right corner of players screens, and then selling it.

I don’t see the point of this thread, friend. I’m happy that you were able to make this… but why post?

Also honestly guys? Blatant flame? Shit posts are no better than Shit threads. Remember that.

Erhm, You’ve posted this in a Gamemode and Addon RELEASE, This means you’re ment to actually release it. If you don’t want to release it, that’s fine, but post it in Garry’s Mod Discussion, or something.

He actually made this for me and it works really well, u just click on the server you wanna join and take you right to it from ingame.

Great addon :slight_smile:

If anyone want something alike this that is released…

That’s not true. This section is just for general gamemodes.

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And addons