Server just crashes randomly at night.

Everyday in the morning my server randomly crashes.

Sorry for the lack of information I just have no idea myself how or why it’s caused.

Here’s 2 mdmp’s

I have no idea why this is happening, I don’t have PDB to debug the issue…
I’m doubting there is one publicly available and if there is please link me!

Any help would be great, thanks.

I dont know but there has been some people using some sort of new a new exploit after recent gmod update.Some guy instantly crashes my server on join.


This is the guys ID who crashes the servers:STEAM_0:1:24563345

I have to admit looking at the quick peak I get at the console does show someone joining (I believe)

It’s a new exploit. This guy Mincent is doing it.

It crashes the second he connects to your server.


Okay so it happened again last night and it wasn’t due to someone connecting… it happens around 6:30am each night…