Server just did random kick, now the locks (combo) do not work

Ok so just a few minutes ago, our server kicked everyone and we never have any issue with our server kicking people nor have we had any problems with the new awesome combo locks.

Has anyone else experienced the problem?

Sounds like your server restarted, and I’m not sure that the “locks mess up on reboot” bug is fully fixed yet.

Ya that might be the problem, everyone in every house (42 homes) cannot access their locks because now there is no lock on the door yet they cannot ope or close the door.

yeah, sounds like the same glitch.

That sucks. So same glitch even for combo locks huh. Well guess you guys are right. I hate to do a fresh but sounds like it is a must. Thank you both for responding.

Hope they fix this issue sooner than later.

Anyone tried running the server virtual to restore to a backup state in case of crash?

At the moment, only mods can fix the locks :