Server just freezes (Doesn't Crash) & Next Round Detection not working?

I have a LINUX Garry’s Mod Server, and it’ll randomly just freeze up. It won’t crash, so it doesn’t auto-restart and that’s what annoys me the most. I lose uptime because of this.
I’m not sure what to do, basically it just freezes, I’ll type in a command and it’ll just not type in. The whole server is just frozen.

Another issue I’m having, is just randomly out of nowhere, the server doesn’t detect next round/other things, for example I can’t !slaynr
Another thing that happens with the above is the gold block doesn’t work in ttt_minecraft_b5, there’s a gold block that you put on a table,and the table makes it disappear, when we put the gold block in, it just sits there and doesn’t activate the tester. The two issues above is fixed with a server restart, but I’d still like to get to the bottom of it.

I have the following things installed:
Damage Log
My TTT Addon (Never did this before, besides, it’s just a package of custom things for TTT all in one folder)
ULX Global Ban
Ulx Temp Add User
Ulx Warn
ULX Rank Synchronization (Custom by me, again, this never happened)
Points for kills system (Custom, never happened before)