Server just plain wont run...

I’m trying to run a Garry’s mod server and i have the cs:s and half life 2 content downloaded too.
I followed the tutorial in the gmod wiki (which was a little confusing).
I set up the server.cfg and ran the update tool before downloading the games (i extracted the garrysmod content from the gcf myself if that matters).
And also I have Garry’s mod in srcds/orangebox.
Also my server is in D:\srcds not C:\ if that makes a difference (yes i changed all the command promt commands and such to D:)

Basically when i use the way it says to start it in the wiki (D:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game garrysmod +map rp_downtown_v2 -maxplayers 8) it shows the cursor + hour glass like somthing is loading but then it disappears and nothing happens, and srcds.exe is not in my task manger.
No error or anything.

Any help?

The command for maxplayers is +maxplayers 8, though that wouldn’t cause it to crash. Also, make sure you have the map. Again, though this would not cause a crash. I recommend that you reinstall srcds and try again.

Also, I tested the command line you posted on my server, and even though the maxplayers switch is wrong, it still started srcds fine.

Although it didn’t directly help, your advice fixed the problem. I decided to download the garrysmod content instead of extracting it my self, and when I did it my self i only had the gmod folder not all the other stuff that belonged in orangebox which downloading using the update tool fixed that thx.

Though may I ask how do I set my server to the DarkRP gamemode?